Tips for selling


1 Separate your emotions from the transaction:

Remember, you are about to sell your house and the goal is to create a space in which visitors can visualize it as their potential home. To properly prepare your home for sale you will need to store many of your personal items, including photos, keepsakes and small decorations.

2 Clean and rearrange:

Do a thorough cleaning in your house, paying special attention to the bathrooms and the kitchen; make sure that all appliances (fridge, stove, etc.) are spotless. Reorganize closets and put away some of your belongings that you don’t use often. Closets are a priority for buyers and a full closet does not show the amount of space available. If you’re using a spare room for storage, rearrange and clean up clutter, make sure the space is properly furnished. Consider organizing other areas, such as the garage and basement, in order to make better use of your storage space.

3 Furnish empty rooms:

Buyers want to buy homes but not houses. Personalizing the empty home, a little is very important for the success of the sale of your property. The completely empty rooms make it difficult for buyers to get an idea of the spaces. Large rooms look like caves and small rooms look even smaller when empty. Re-decorate your empty property with suitable furniture. It will be the key to ensuring that buyers can imagine living there.

4 Light the rooms well and touch up the paint:

A house full of light has always been very attractive to buyers. Open the blinds and make sure all the windows are clean. If there are no windows in the room, make sure the lighting is adequate and leave all lights on even for daytime visitors. A fresh coat of paint (neutral colors) will brighten a well-lit space much more.

5 Ignite your buyer's imagination

Set the table so it looks like a formal dinner, light the fireplace on a cold day, and add some fresh flowers to your décor. By creating the right atmosphere, you will help buyers visualize themselves living in your home.

6 Small repairs: Check the faucets and light bulbs.

Buyers prefer to view a home that is in “turnkey” condition; small problems can lower the value of your home in the eyes of a buyer. Dripping water discolour the sink and suggests faulty or worn plumbing. Burnt out bulbs or faulty electrical wiring will leave potential buyers in the dark. Don’t let little problems like these diminish the importance of all that’s right in your home.

7Don't forget the outside.

A well-maintained garden, patio or terrace will always be much more attractive to buyers. Remove weeds, trim grass and bushes well. Also, consider giving your patio or deck a deep pressure washer to give it a neat new look.

Active buyers who are comparing their home to others on the market of the same features, price and conditions are important when making an offer.


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